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Elysium Poppy by Rita Attrot
Viktor Ullmann

Image: Viktor Ullmann, 1924, Arnold Schoenberg Institute Archives from an album created by friends and students for Schoenberg's 50th birthday.

Elysium btc


Viktor Ullmann's Legacy from Theresienstadt

3 performances only, 3 days, 3 different venues


The Cultch


Pyatt Hall


Roedde House

The New York Times


"There is something redemptive about the growing interest in discovering and reviving the works of composers whose lives were cut short by the Nazis... Mr. Simmons and Mr. von Leïtis gave solid, affecting performances and were effective advocates for this music."

Aufbau, New York


"With the project Music from Theresienstadt,  Elysium- Between Two Continents and its directors proved again their artistic integrity and their courage to undertake risks... It was remarkable to see, how Gregorij von Leïtis- with high artistic taste- took back his person as a narrator in order to give pre-eminence to Rilke's text and Ullmann's music."

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Roedde House Museum
The Cultch

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Project Elysium

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII
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