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Elysium Poppy by Rita Attrot

Cornet: Viktor Ullmann's Legacy from Theresienstadt

Music from Theresienstadt      Michael Lahr, Introductory Lecture



Viktor Ullmann                          Piano Sonata No. 6, Op. 49 (Theresienstadt, 1943)

                                                          Allegro molto

                                                          Allegretto grazioso

                                                          Presto, ma non troppo

                                                          Allegro molto


Viktor Ullmann                          Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke (Theresienstadt, 1944)

                                                    The Lay of Love and Death of Cornet Christoph Rilke

                                                    12 pieces from Rainer Maria Rilke's poem for recitation and piano



                   Dan Franklin Smith, piano

                   Gregorij H. von Leïtis, recitation





OCT 16


The Cultch

OCT 17


Pyatt Hall

OCT 18


Roedde House

Friday, October 16th's performance takes place at The Cultch's Historic Theatre in East Vancouver.  Tickets are $30, $20 students & seniors, available through the box office at the Cultch in advance or at the door.  There is assigned seating for this venue. 


The Cultch: 1895 Venables St. (604) 251-1363

My Dear Mother Rune Mields

Sunday, October 18th's performance takes place at the Roedde House Museum in the West End.  Seating is extremely limited for this performance, and tickets are reserved for major donors and their guests.  A reception with the artists will follow the performance. 


Roedde House Museum: 1415 Barclay St. (604) 684-7040

Image: "My Dear Mother" by Cologne based artist Rune Mields with Ullmann's score in the background

from the personal collection of Gregorij von Leïtis

Project Elysium

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII
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